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We have been enjoying  a number of activities to fit within our topic on 'Go, go, go!' This has included a visit to the carwash to get our cars cleaned, and  a trip on the train into Melton. We are also planning a trip to the Space Centre as we move on from looking at cars and trains and focus on rockets! The Space Centre are also bringing their Planetarium into School for us to experience here.


The children had a great time going through the carwash...we talked about typing in the numbered code before the car wash would begin, and some of the children helped to read out the numbers. We watched and listened as  the car wash cleaned our dirty cars! The children really enjoyed the experience and gave it a thumbs up after the cars were cleaned. We even made our own carwash in the classroom which the children have enjoyed driving through and using in their play.

A drive through the car wash.

Going through our own carwash...

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Horse riding session

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All of the children have the chance to go horse riding at some point in the year. The children enjoy this and it offers many opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.

Busy bodies

Busy bodies 1
Busy bodies 2
Busy bodies 3
Busy bodies 4
Busy bodies 5
Busy bodies 6
Busy bodies 7
Busy bodies 8
Busy bodies 9
Busy bodies 10
Busy bodies 11
Busy bodies 12
Busy bodies 13

Going out in all weathers...

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Creating splashes and ripples in the puddle.