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School Day

The School Day


School starts at 9.00am but classrooms are open from 8.50am for children to come in to school.  A member of staff will be available to speak to you at that time if you wish but please do be mindful that they will have children in their care.  This is a good opportunity to pass on any information or just to say a quick 'Hi'

 Morning break:  10:50am - 11:10am



 Lunch:  12:00pm - 1:15pm   



Home time:  (3:00pm Nursery Age children) 3:30pm



 Collective Worship:
 Whole school collective worship for Oakham CofE takes place on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday  at  3:00.  Foundation Stage and KS1 have their own key stage collective worship on  a  Tuesday and class worship on a Thursday.  KS2 have class worship on a Tuesday and KS2 collective worship on a Thursday.  Friday is our time to celebrate achievements.   The Parks children are able to attend any of these times.