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Brave Bear

Picture 1 BRAVE BEAR

Follow Brave Bear on his travels. Read the clues and try and work out where he could be in the world, you might be surprised what he gets up to! If your children keep an eye on our Forces Map at school Brave's destinations will be revealed......



The hope is that our bears will further highlight the forces links within our school community, open dialogue about forces life, encourage some creative writing, geography discussions and provide some much needed comfort during tough times.


Picture 1 Where would you find yellow school buses?
Picture 2 There is a big clue here....


Picture 1 There'll be no injuries on Brave's watch
Picture 2 This looks sunny and hot....
Picture 3 Brave to the rescue!
Picture 4 A very big clue here...

If any of our service parents are heading away on exercise, training or deployment and would like to take Brave Bear along, please speak to one of our Forces Team.


Thank you