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EYFS (Butterflies, Ladybirds)

Welcome to Foundation Stage

We are the 'Butterflies' class


Term 2 - Celebrations!

In Term 2 we will be learning about CELEBRATIONS including Remembrance Day, Diwali and Christmas (of course!). We will design and make a Christmas present for somebody including the gift, the packaging, the label and card and the wrapping paper. In our spiritual and moral development we will be learning about celebrations and festivals in our own culture and other people’s. We will celebrate each other’s differences and understand what is right and wrong.


Within our number work we will be focussing on the concepts of one more and one less and will be doing lots of work on time and money which will link in very nicely with our Firework Song.


We are creating our very own Celebrations Workshop in our classroom where we can cut, stick, write, draw, colour and create anything that we would like to which links with our celebrations.


We will continue to learn our sounds in our Read, Write, Inc phonics sessions and will even be beginning to blend our sounds together to read and write words. We've only been at school for one term so we think this is a fabulous achievement. If you pop in to see us, you may hear us 'Fred talking' or even practising our 'Super Power Red Words'.


There is lots of learning to be done and we are always very busy so please do pop in and see us!



We are the 'Butterflies' class


Welcome to Term 1! Marvellous Me!


This term we will be learning all about ourselves, our bodies and how our bodies work and we will link our learning together throughout this topic.

We will be studying our faces and drawing some amazing pictures of ourselves which we will display very proudly on our classroom walls. The grown ups will write down some of the clever things that we say whilst we are drawing them. We will also be exploring different medias and be using paints to create portraits of ourselves which we will put out in our picture gallery by the small hall - please do pop along and see them when we have completed them.


We will be working hard on developing our speaking and listening skills and will be learning about how we can show our friends that we are listening to them.

Next, we will be focussing on our families and how our families might be similar and different to other people’s. We will also be looking at what our houses look like too. It would be great if you could support your child’s learning by chatting with them about your family and different members of your family at home.



In our Read, Write Inc sessions we will be starting to learn our letter sounds and then we will be trying to put these sounds together by blending and segmenting to make our own words in reading and writing. We will also learn about 'Super Power Red Words' so make sure you ask us about those if you get the chance.


Our mathematical minds will be focussing on numbers this term. We will spend time looking at each number up to and including ten using counting, sorting. and  singing.


We are all so excited to be a part of the children's learning journey and look forward to sharing all the adventures we have together with you. 

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