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We have the gold Games Mark award!

The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in

2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the

community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.


In 2018 we were validated by School Games and their feedback included these comments:

"Oakham CofE Primary School was awarded the Gold Mark award following the validation call, with a portfolio of evidence in place to support all areas of the Mark award. The evidence provided and examples discussed outlined the high level of activity taking place. The validation highlighted that the school was offering a very strong sports programme across all areas of the award, including: * Offering a wide range of sports at both Level 1 (9) and Level 2 (12) of the School Games and the school provided a range of opportunities though 'B' and 'C' teams, supported by the SGO competition calendar structure. The school also had a good understanding of personal challenge and had some good examples of a student-led approach to elements of this. * The school has 2 hours of PE for all at Key Stage 2 and will introduce elements of Real PE delivery in their schemes of work for next year too. * The school utilised a tracking system for participation in School Games across the school and this allowed them to identify and then engage the less active population with new/adapted sports. * There was evidence of a strong sports leadership programme in place which allowed 25 pupils to be involved in the delivery of School Games activity. The 'Sport Crew' met regularly and involved training for Year 5 and 6 students. * The school also engaged well with local clubs and sports providers offering links into the community, and there were clear CPD opportunities for staff to develop their skills with sport specialists. The school should be proud of this application and the evidence collated as part of the process, in particular the journey they have undertaken through the other Mark award levels to get to Gold. Well done on your award, and good luck planning and delivering 2018-19."

See the full report here:

Our Ofsted report in September 2017 stated that: “Leaders use the additional funds from the physical education and sports grant to good effect. They have ensured that teachers have worked alongside coaches to improve their teaching and coaching skills. Pupils have many opportunities to take part in a range of sports and competitions, within and beyond the school, including athletics, hockey, tag rugby, cross-country and football. The school makes good use of having its own swimming pool. The school has been successful in achieving the Silver School Games Mark.”

Our Leaders


Our Bronze Sports Ambassadors have now completed the program and all passed with disctinction! Congratulations to them and a big thank you to Mrs Stevenson for her support. 


Throughout the year, our Sports Ambassadors will receive various training on how to become a great Sports Ambassador and will be given specific tasks after each session to try and implement in our own school. The Sports Ambassadors have already attended their first meeting at UCC and have been set tasks and goals ready for the next meeting.


In addition to this, their final task as a Bronze Ambassador will be to assist in the delivery of the Key Stage 1 Multiskills Festival on in July alongside all the other Bronze Ambassadors and the Gold and Platinum Ambassadors. This will be a great final opportunity to see the entire Leadership Academy working together to deliver an event for children in Rutland.


Sports Council 2019-20



Our Sports Council are individuals who are passionate about sport and being active. They are responsible for organising and running the house competitions. They also receive training from Just Do Sports on leading games and activities for other children at lunchtime.



Our year 5 leaders help to run the house competitions and support the year 6s. They are be prepared for the responsibilities of being the future Sports Council for Oakhmam C of E.

Latest Competition News

See our progess in the medals table here:

See the Rutland Competition Calendar here .


Nomination - Presentation Evening

This year we have been nominated for the fair play award again! We won the award last year after being nominated by another school and will find out on Wednesday evening whether we have won the award for a second year running. 

KS1 Multiskills Festival - 8th July

Miss Jones and Mrs Barr took their class to the KS1 multiskills festival held at Oakham school. The children competed in a range of activities that were all run by the Bronze Sports Ambassadors (including our very own: Ollie, Scarlett, Phoebe and Henry). Year 2 enjoyed taking part in all of the different activities and loved having the opportunity to practise new skills. 


Our Sports Ambassadors were there for the whole day (6 hours!) They delivered their activity to each group with passion and enthusiasm, were supportive and helpful and acted as excellent role models to the KS1 children. This now concludes their Bronze Ambassador training and we await their final grading. Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of them and thankful to Mrs Stevenson for all of the support she has given to them. 



Rounders - 26th June

We took 3 teams of year 6 children to compete in the rounders competition held at Casterton College. Their performance and teamwork was great and it resulted in one of our teams coming in 2nd place out of over 20 teams.


Sports Day - 20th June 

We had another successful sports day this year with children taking part in a rotation of activities for them to show off their skills in different ways and collect points for their team. The final results were:

4th place - Perseverance with 1175 points 

3rd place - Passion with 1235 points 

2nd place - Purpose with 1299 points 

1st place - Pride with 1414


The children also took part in a sprint race and an obstacle race where they were competing as an individual. We had an incredible turnout of parents and carers to cheer everyone across the line and a few even took part in a mums and dads race too! Thank you to all staff, parents/carers and children for making it such a fun day! 


Cricket - 5th June

Mr Knight took our year 5 team to the year 5/6 cricket competition at Uppingham Cricket Club. The team performed exceptionally well against some strong teams, made it through to the final 4 and eventually finished in 3rd place. Mr Knight and the rest of the school were incredibly proud of their performance and their demonstration of our school's 4Ps. 

Gymnastics Key Steps 1 Competition - Wednesday 6th February

This week it was the turn of our year 1 and 2 gymnasts to compete in the Key Steps 1 gymnastics festival. This competition is for club gymnasts and children who have competed in gymnastics competitions before, and the standard was incredibly high! They had to learn a floor routine and a body management routine which they performed in front of a panel of judges. They also had to showcase their skills on the vault.

The children did a fantastic job and as a team finished 4th overall, narrowly missing out on 3rd place by only a few points!





As well as the team competition, all of the gymnasts were also judged individually in all 3 disciplines. One of our gymnasts, Chloe, did extremely well in the individual competition. She finished 3rd overall for her vault, achieving a bronze medal, and 2nd overall for her floor routine, achieving a silver medal. A huge congratulations to all of the gymnasts for taking part.


Gymnastics Key Steps 3 Competition - Wednesday 6th February

Our year 6 gymnasts represented the school in the Key Steps 3 Gymnastics competition. They were judged in 3 disciplines - floor, body management and vault. Although these girls are experienced gymnasts who have competed in gymnastics festivals before, the level of competition was extremely high and they were understandably feeling a little nervous on the day!


They performed to the best of their ability and were proud to finish 12th overall. Well done for taking part!







Gymnastics Key Steps 2 A Team Competition - Wednesday 30th January

Four of our year 3 and 4 children competed in the Key Steps Gymnastics A Team competition. This competition is for club gymnasts and children who have competed in gymnastics competitions before, and the standard was incredibly high! They had to learn a floor routine and a body management routine which they performed in front of a panel of judges. They also had to showcase their skills on the vault. Here are some pictures of them in action!







The girls represented the school with passion and pride and were delighted to finish 14th overall. Well done!


Gymnastics Key Steps 2 B Team Competition - Wednesday 23rd January

On Wednesday, four of our year 3 and 4 children competed in the Key Steps Gymnastics B Team competition. This competition is for non-club gymnasts and most of these children have never competed in a gymnastics competition before. They had to learn a floor routine and a body management routine which they performed in front of a panel of judges. They also had to showcase their skills on the vault.


The children had a great time and did the school proud and as a team finished an impressive 6th overall. Well done!


House Competition - Friday 2nd November

On Friday it was time for the first house competition that is organised and run by the year 5 and 6 sports council. This time the event was called Pop In Pumpkins. Each class took part in an obstacle course where they had to carry bean bags through the course and deliver them into the mouths of pumpkins. The bean bags acted as points for their house and the Sports Council recorded the scores to find out the overall winners. 


Final scores were:

In 4th place -Perseverance    with 275 points

In 3rd place - Passion with 276 points

In 2nd place Pride  with 305 points

In 1st place -  Purpose with 310 points.


The winners have had 100 house points added to their totals, second place won 50 house points, 3rd place won 25 house points and 4th place have had 10 extra house points added to their total. A big well done to the Sports Council for planning, advertising, organising and running the event! 


Nursery Afternoon - Tuesday 30th October

On Tuesday the year 6 sports council visited Scallywags Nursery to run a sports afternoon for them. They designed and organised their own activities and supported the pre-school class in completing all of the challenges.


It was a proud moment as our children showed their leadership skills in a supportive and nurturing way. After, the manager of Scallywags said,

"We would love to do this again, everyone really enjoyed themselves... Your year 6 students were a credit to you and the school, they were kind and patient and the pre-schoolers couldn’t wait to tell their parents all about it!"

Cross Country Competition - Monday 8th October

Some of our KS2 children went to Rutland Water to run the gruelling cross country course and compete against children in their age and gender groups. From this, three of our children were selected for the county team and will go on and train before representing Rutland at the next level event. The results for each child were as follows: 

Jack S - 29th 

Jack L - 71st 

Logan B - 73rd 


Poppy R - 11th 

Alumita R - 36th 


Henry G - 45th 

Christian P 46th 

Charlie E - 65th 


Helena M - 17th 

Eve B - 25th 

Phoebe N - 28th 


Josh R - 10th 

Harry B - 23rd 

Kaiden S - 32nd 


A huge well done to everyone for competing! 


Aquasplash Festival - 21st September 2018


8 children from year 5/6 attended an Aquasplash festival. They spent an hour playing water based games and working as a team to solve challenges. All of the children had a great time and there was lots of laughter! The event was designed to build confidence in the water and the children certainly came out feeling proud of themselves and passionate about swimming.


Leadership Academy

Congratulations to Jemima, Troy and Manny - our Bronze Sport Ambassadors - for completing their training and receiving a distinction!


Awards Evening - July 2018

Congratulations to Lily-Ann for winning an award for her excellent dedication to cross country running.


We were also pleased and proud to be nominated by another school for the Fair Play Award - which we also won! Sportsmanship is so important to us so we are honoured to receive this award.

Rounders competition - Wednesday 27th June 2018

Our 3 rounders teams took part in the rounders competition on Wednesday 27th June at Casterton College.

It was a long hot day where each team played 5 matches overall. The final results showed that our Oakham 1 team finished 4th out of 21 teams. A very respectable result!

We wish to say a huge thank you to the children for representing the school beautifully and showing their great skills, Mr Hammond for coaching them and to Mrs Cooper for coming along to support on the day.

Athletics competition - Tuesday 19th June 2018

10 children represented the school at the athletics competition on Tuesday 19th June and returned with impressive results!

Josh = gold in 50m and 75m sprints

Harry = silver in 50m sprint and 4th place in the throw

Owen = silver in the throw

Lewis = silver in the jump

Lily-Ann = silver in 800m run

Iris = 4th place in the 75m sprint

Jemima = 6th place in the 800m run

Y6 boys relay = 4th place

Huge congratulations to you all and a big thank you to Miss Partridge and Mrs Ives for taking you and supporting you.

Quadkids competition -Thursday 7th June 2018 -

We took 4 teams (2 from year 3/4 and 2 from year 5/6) to compete in the Quadkids competition. Each child had to compete in 4 events  - sprint race, middle distance race, throw and jump -to earn points from their teams. Overall our teams finished in 4th place which meant they narrowly missed out on qualifying for the finals. Special mention needs to be made to Chloe as she can first overall as an individual. Huge congratulations! We were pleased to see so many parent supporters there and would like to say a big thank you for their support and help at the event.

Year 5/6 Cricket - Wednesday 6th June 2018 -

Our year 5/6 girls and boys mixed cricket team competed at the competition held at Uppingham Cricket Club on Wednesday. After many exciting matches with highs- such as smashing sixes and superb catches - and lows - like hitting our own stumps - we eventually finished 6th overall out of 10 teams. A huge thank you to Mr Thackwray and Mr Hobby for taking the children to this event and a massive well done to the children for representing the school so well.

Year 3/4 Tennis - Tuesday 15th May 2018 -

We entered two team in the year 3/4 tennis competition. All children played really well and put up a good fight. We are incredibly proud of their efforts. Overall the A team finished in 3rd place and the B team came 15th. Well done to all involved and for Mr Knight and Mrs Haddon for taking them.

Year 3/4 and year 5/6 hockey tournaments - Tuesday 24th April and Tuesday 8th May

Well done to our hockey teams who took part in the tournaments held on recent Tuesdays, They played well together as a team and the year 3/4s made it through to the second round and eventually finished 5th overall. The year 5/6 team won 1 game, drew 2 and lost one but unfortunately didn't finish in the top of their groups to qualify for the next round. As always, thank you to the children and staff for giving up their spare time to represent the school with passion and pride.

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby - Tuesday 17th April

OUr year 5 tag rugby team took part in the tag rugby competition today at Oakham Rugby Football Club. After 4 matches we had won one (6-2 vs Brooke Hill2), drawn one (3-3 vs Catmose) and lost 2 (5-4 vs. St Mary's and St Johns and 6-5 vs English Martyrs 2). Our performance put us third in our group and so we went on to play 2 further matches where we won one (6-4 vs. Cottingham) and lost on (7-6 vs. Leighfield). The games were exciting to say the least and Oakham C of E pushed hard and gave up a good fight right to the end. Overall we finished in 10th position out of 20 teams. A big well done to the team and to Mr Knight for training them.



Can you spot the familiar referee from out game with Cottingham?

Sport Relief House Competition - Easter's Hop to  the finish line

Our sports council and young sports ambassadors organised, promoted and ran the house competition to raise money for Sport Relief. Each class had to compete on an obstacle course to deliver eggs. The sports council kept tally of the scores throughout the day to combine the score for each house. 



Final scores were:

In 4th place - Pride   with 224 points

In 3rd place - Passion with 240 points

In 2nd place Purpose with 243 points

In 1st place -  Perseverance with 252 points.


The winners have had 100 house points added to their totals, second place won 50 house points, 3rd place won 25 house points and 4th place have had 10 extra house points added to their total. A big well done to the Sports Council for planning, advertising, organising and running the event! Take a look at their forum notes from after the event to see how they reflected on the event. 


School Games Swimming Competition - Monday 19th March 2018

Congratulations to our swimming team for finishing in 6th position at the School Games Swimming Competition today. They represented the school with passion and pride and we are very proud of their talent and sportsmanship. As always, a huge thank you goes to Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Haywood for training, supporting and managing the team.

See the overall results here: . Don't forget to check our overall performance in the medals table using the link above.

Rutland Cross Country League (Final event) - Saturday 24th February 2018

Our cross country runners completed the final event in the Rutland cross country league this Saturday. It was a cold, fresh morning but the sun was shining and the ground was hard. Our runners looked strong through their races and finished in good positions (we currently await their final positions). During the award presentation at the end, we found out that Lily- Ann finished in gold first position, Jemima came away with a silver and Poppy also received a silver in her race. We are immensely proud of all of our runners and would like to thank all of the supporters too!



Multiskills Festival - Wednesday 21st February -

The Foxgloves (Year 1/2) participated in a multiskills festival where they had to compete in 9 different activities that would challenge their agility, balance, speed and accuracy. They had a great day and finished in 9th place overall.


Key Steps 2 and 3 gymnastics competitions - Wednesday 31st January -

Our key stage 2 gymnasts competed at the Key Steps competitions today. After weeks of practising, they gave solid performances and had a great time. For lots of them it was their first competition so we are proud of their bravery, sportsmanship and team spirit.


The results for individual ranking were:

Key Steps 2 (23 teams competing, 84 gymnasts)  -

Oakham 1 - Ella 50th, Grace 64th, Lexi 60th, Kacey 70th. Their team position was 16th.

Oakham 2 - Jasmine 55th, Chamelie 81st, Chloe 66th. Their team position was 13th.

Key Steps 3 (22 teams competing, 71 gymnasts) -

Oakham 1 - Sam 14th, Iris 19th, Jemima 21st, Eden 26th. Their team position was 6th.

Oakham 2 - Eve 52nd, Helena 52nd, Selina 40th, Phoebe 55th. Their team position was 14th.


A special thank you to Jaymee (an ex-OakhamCofE student) who has been helping at our training sessions every week and came along to the competitions. The team were certainly pleased to have you there...

Key Steps 1 competition - 24th January 2018

We are immensely proud of our 6 year ones and 2 year twos who made up our gymnastics squad. Their performances and effort during the gymnastics competition today were commendable. Whilst we did not bring any medals home, each child demonstrated the 4Ps and showed their skills during their routines today. The children have been working hard on learning and practising their routines for weeks and it paid off when Helena scored 9.0 in her floor routine and Chloe earned a 9.3 in her vault which meant that both narrowly missed out on a medal even though they are only in year one! All of the gymnasts were excellent school representatives and had a great day. I think their smiles speak for themselves... 

Swimming Gala Qualification - 22nd January 2018

Huge congratulations to our swimming gala team who competed in the first qualification of the competition last night.

All of the children have been training hard and their results were a good display of this. We are immensely proud of them and would also like to say a huge thank you to  all of the staff who helped to train, encourage and support them. We are lucky to have such passionate people. The finals are to be held on Monday 26th February from 2-5pm. Unfortunately, we will not have confirmation of who has made it through to the finals until the final qualification has been held in two weeks time. We will let you know as soon as we know!


Saturday 20th January 2018 - Rutland Cross Country League

Some of our KS2 children took on the challenge of running in cold wet weather on Saturday to compete in the cross country league. The league is made up of 3 events, the second of which was this Saturday. As it stands, the overall results are as follows:

Year 3 girls - Poppy is currently in 1st place overall and Alumita is in 4th

Year 3 boys - Charlie is in 8th

Year 5 girls - Eve is in 6th, Helena is in 10th and Phoebe is in 11th

Year 5 boys - Josh is in 4th

Year 6 girls - Jemima is in 1st, Lily-Ann is in 2nd

Year 6 boys - Sam is in 6th


As you can see from the results, we have lots of children who are doing very well and are in line to get a podium finish after the final event. I'm sure you will join me in sending them your support.


15th December 2017- Inter-house Competition - Santa's Showdown

Our Sports Council and Young Sports Ambassadors organised and ran an inter-house competition. Each person in the school competed in a throwing competition to score points for their house.

Final scores were:

In 4th place -  Passion  with 161 points

In 3rd place - Perseverance with 164 points

In 2nd place Pride with 187 points

In 1st place -  Purpose with 220 points.


The winners have had 100 house points added to their totals, second place won 50 house points, 3rd place won 25 house points and 4th place have had 10 extra house points added to their total. A big well done to the Sports Council for planning, advertising, organising and running the event!


Basketball Competition - 23rd November 2017

Some of our year 5/6 children attended a basketball competition on Thursday morning. The competition was a 5-a-side game. We lost two games, drew one and won one 8-0! The children had a great time at the event and each match was close. We didn't make it through to the finals on this occasion but have spotted some potential Michael Jordans!

Remember to check the medals table (see the link above) to see our current position!

Sportshall Athletics - 22nd November 2017

19 year 5 and 6 children attended the sportshall athletics competition on Wednesday after school. The children took part in one or two track and field events where they had to complete as part of a team to achieve the best score. After many exciting races, we eventually finished in 4th position and narrowly missed out on getting through to the finals by 16 points. We were very proud of the children for their efforts, sportsman ship and for representing the school so well.




Girls Basketball Development Festival - 16th November 2017 

Our year 5 girls took part in a basketball development festival and, well, I'll leave them to tell you about it...



Cross country competition - 6th October 2017

18 children from KS2 went to Rutland Water to run the cross country course. The weather was fine and the children were ready and raring to take on the gruelling course which finishes with an uphill sprint. All of the children competed remarkable well and we were very proud of their team spirit. 4 of our children - Lily-Ann, Jemima, Poppy and Owen have qualified for the county team and Alfie has made it into the reserves. Lily-Ann even won a bronze medal in her individual performance in her age/gender group. They will now go on to train for the next level competition in March. For our school, the year 6 girl team - Jemima, Lily-Ann and Iris - won silver. Huge congratulations to everyone involved and a special thank you to our helpers for marshalling and helping to organise the children. Remember to check the medals table to see our progress(the link is above).

Brownlee Foundation mini-triathlon - 29th September 2017

Some of our key stage 2 children attended the mini-triathlon organised and run by Jonny and Alistair Brownlee. Each of them took part in a run, swim and cycle. They all received a goody bag and medal and even got to meet the Olympians and get their autographs. Sam and Minnie from the sports council reported on the event and had this to write:



Sports Day 2018

All of the children (and some of the parent too!) took part in our sports day. This year there was a team competition with four different activities to test the children's skill, accuracy, coordination and balance. The children scored points for their houses and then the final scores were added up.  The children also raced each other in their year groups. They were challenged to a sprint race and an obstacle race. It was an incredibly fun day and the sun shone for us! Take a look...

Sports Day 2018

Still image for this video

Our Sports Stars in Action