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Poppy Bear



One of our Forces children will have Poppy Bear with them over the course of a week. Poppy comes with a camera so that the children can chronicle their time together.


Will Poppy like Maths?? Will she be a budding artist??


The children will then write a diary entry for each week with Mrs Lamb, to keep track of what Poppy gets up to in our lovely school. She may go to important events in the county or get involved in sporting fixtures and plays within school.


Poppy will not be sent home; she will stay over night at school and may be able to tell us some tales of what goes on in school when the lights go out (it may be like toy story in here ,who knows!)




The hope is that the bears will further highlight the forces links within our school community, open dialogue about forces life, encourage some creative writing and provide some much needed comfort during tough times.



Overseeing some important work
Being introduced in Assembly
Learning about the water cycle
Sharing time with friends
A trip to the Sensory Room
Working hard
Enjoying some role play, yum yum!
Don't call me small!
Hanging around on an Easter egg hunt